Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: August 2018

Development Questions

Do you have experience with JavaScript libraries like React or Angular?

Yes, I have limited experience with React, Angular, and Ember. Angular: built a website using Angular, which included routing, animation, and dealing with SEO concerns. React: completed a React for Beginners course, and have also built a Naming App for internal use at a previous employer. Ember: have worked within an Ember app to modify the markup & CSS.

*Currently working on moving this portfolio into Gatsby.

Do you use front-end build tools?

Yes, mostly I use Gulp with SASS, autoprefixer, etc., but only when beneficial to the project.

What version control systems have you used?

Almost all of the repos I have worked with are private, but I have used Git through both Github & BitBucket, and SVN through TortoiseSVN.

Do you have any back-end development experience?

The majority of my back-end development experience is using PHP within WordPress. However, I got my start programming in C# as an intern for a large insurance company, and have worked with and around back-end developers using PHP & .net. I have a bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems, but I started out as a Computer Science major, taking classes in languages like assembly & Java.

Design & Brand Questions

What design software do you use?

Primarily the Adobe suite of Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, etc. I have used Sketch & Figma on smaller projects, and I primarily use InVision for collaboration & mockups.

What strategy & UX design work have you done?

I have worked to create wireframes, personas, and other UX deliverables. I have also setup A/B tests & added scripts to websites to conduct them. On occasion, I have written questionnaires and done user interviews to inform the design process.

I have been a part of several workshops to define organizations brand foundation using techniques from "The Brand Gap" and other resources like the "Brand Deck" to set the attributes that help with the rest of the design process. I also have participated in the naming process for a half-dozen companies.

Miscellaneous Questions

What are you most interested in or curious about regarding work?

Growth. Next on my learning list is a deeper knowledge of React, Figma, and vector design/illustration techniques to better execute on the projects I am involved with. I also look forward to becoming more proficient with WordPress, as big changes are coming with their new editor, Gutenberg.

Learning more about how organizations work and how to best help the people involved is something I am continually attempting to do. I am happily a generalist, and welcome projects where I'm able to fill gaps in both the project and areas that I haven't worked in before.

Are you interested in a full-time position?

A full-time position is not my top priority, but I am always open to the right opportunity. Let's Talk.

Do you have a degree?

Yes, a bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems from Messiah College.